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Block ads, trackers and annoyances

Magic Lasso Adblock is a fast, efficient and high performance ad blocker for the iPhone, iPad and Mac with native Safari integration.

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Magic Lasso Adblock wand

Experience a cleaner, faster web – without ads

Wish you could browse the web quickly, smoothly and anonymously with no advertising? With Magic Lasso Adblock you can experience a faster, cleaner and more secure web browsing experience across all your devices.

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The best adblock available – all ads are gone, with no annoying distractions or popups. Just enable and browse in bliss.
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Stop being followed by ads around the web by blocking ad trackers. Magic Lasso is designed from the ground-up to protect your privacy.
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Double the speed at which pages view and load in Safari. By cutting down on ads and trackers, common news websites load 2x faster and use less data.
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Magic Lasso works with Safari on all your devices – iPhone, iPad and Mac.

Join a community of over 250,000 users

We're determined to make a better, more privacy focused internet. Along the way over 250,000 users have supported us in ensuring privacy and security for all.

"It works and feels as if Apple themselves had designed an ad blocker."

John Gruber, Daring Fireball

"Lightweight, Awesome, and super fast. This is my new favorite ad blocker!"

Courtkizer, United States


An adblocker made for you – easy to setup, easy to keep up to date and with Pro features available if you need them.

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Native adblocker

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Updates, allowed sites and more

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Private, ethical and supported

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Native adblocker

Built for you and Safari

  • Uses the native content blocker API in Safari to provide the fastest, most efficient ad blocking available
  • Supports iPhone, iPad and Mac with all the same great features no matter which device you use
  • Easy to use with built-in and regularly updated ad blocking rules
  • Best-in-class YouTube ad blocking PRO
  • Block more ads and trackers with seamless background rule updates PRO
  • Pro subscription supports multiple devices. With a single subscription, access Pro features on all of your iPhones, iPads and Macs that use the same Apple ID PRO

"I have tried many ad blockers but none of them work as perfectly as this one! Thank you so very much developers for making our browsing more enjoyable."

Magnifcodz, United Kingdom

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Updates, allowed sites and more

An up to date ad blocker

  • Includes a curated set of best-in-class ad blocking rules. No need for complex configuration, simply enable and browse in bliss
  • Community Allowlist disables ad blocking on sites that have been frequently allowed by Magic Lasso users
  • Block annoying cookie notices and privacy promptsPRO
  • Block more ads and tracking scripts with automated daily rule updatesPRO
  • Battery Boost improves energy efficiency and responsiveness by blocking JavaScript that may cause slowdownsPRO
  • Add any site to your allowed sites to disable ad blocking rules while you browsePRO
  • Add allowed sites directly from within Safari via the Share menuPRO

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Private, ethical and supported

Adblock that's on your side

  • We're determined to make a better, more privacy focused internet and are supported by a community of over 200,000 users
  • Magic Lasso Adblock doesn't see or have access to any of your web pages or browsing history
  • Unlike other adblockers, we are not paid by advertisers and do not let any paid ads bypass our adblocking rules
  • Free support for all – email us any questions and feedback
  • Support ongoing development and updates to Magic Lasso with a Pro subscriptionPRO
  • Be the first to gain access to planned new featuresPRO

"This is the best adblocker I have found. It's optimized for Safari, works very smoothly, and integrates with my favorite web browser very nicely."

Alejoa A, Canada


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